this week: 2013/05/06 - 2013/05/12

2013/05/08 | roy campbell, pat thomas, roger turner & steve williamson | cafe oto, 18-22 ashwin street, dalston, london E8 3DL | 8pm | £10 £12 | www.cafeoto.co.uk
"If only those yuppie buppie boppers had ideas like Roy's! Strongly recommended." Robert L. Campbell, "Cadence" Magazine, 12/94

2013/05/09 | supreme dicks - platinium vision - chalaque | the victoria, 451 queensbridge road, dalston, london E8 3AS | 8pm | £6 | www.upsettherhythm.co.uk

"SUPREME DICKS are an experimental rock group formed in 1984 in Amherst, Massachussetts by Jon Shere, Steve Shavel and Danny Oxenberg. Their glorious music combines dissonant lo-fi noise, avant-garde, and psychedelic sounds to warped song structures. Rising out of the same scene that produced Dinosaur Jr, Supreme Dicks were vital contributors to the lo-fi and avant garde genres. The band’s constantly revolving line-up (Lou Barlow was a Dick now and again) centered around Daniel Oxenberg, Jon Shere, Steve Shavel, Mark Hanson, and Jim Spring, whose psychedelic-yet-twangy brand of rock’n'roll came out of the band’s roots at Hampshire College in the Reagan era. (...) In 2012, Supreme Dicks came back together to play a limited number of shows in the US, making this ever-so-rare European tour their first major jaunt in almost 17 years. In the live setting, the band upholds a tradition of inviting others to play with them onstage - musicians who have done so include Beck, Dan Kapelovitz and Ariel Pink. Their legendary Amherst jams were known to continue for anywhere up to 15 hours at a time (although, on this tour, we'll be looking at more traditional set lengths). This is going to be the unforgettable!"

2013/05/10 | liberez - cowtown - java delle - showman's wagon | 113 dalston lane, london E8 IN4 | 7:30pm |  | www.113dalstonlane.com

"Formed in 2003 Liberez, currently made up of John Hannon, Pete Wilkins and Nina Bosnic, create climatic sounds through minimal vocals, violin drone, samples and drum pads. Often spoken about in terms of landscapes (usually industrial) the resonance is a blend of delicate fiddle plucking, definitive percussion and winsome vocalisation put through the turbine of pedals and tiny amps exporting something more akin to the workhouse than folklore."

2013/05/10 | otomo yoshihide solo, duo with sebastian lexer & quartet with /// | cafe oto, 18-22 ashwin street, dalston, london E8 3DL | 8pm | £10 £12 | www.cafeoto.co.uk

2013/05/11 | otomo yoshihide quartet with roger turner, guillaume viltard & alex ward | cafe oto, 18-22 ashwin street, dalston, london E8 3DL | 8pm | £10 £12 | www.cafeoto.co.uk

... and not to be missed: the london palestine film festival 2013

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