this week: 2013/09/09 - 2013/09/15

2013/09/11 | sky needle – mad nanna – the pheromoans | café oto | 8pm | £7 £8

"This is staggering navigation of brokedown de-tuned guitar, expiring rhythms and hypnotic downer vocals that should appeal to anyone who ever wept over the first couple of Shadow Ring albums and who thinks the second Godz album was ‘too musical’. Mad Nanna have such a profoundly personal take on the sound of collapsing universes that they rival early Kousokuya and the first Royal Trux album in terms of falling apart to stay together. Profoundly strung out, idiotically moving, highly recommended!'' David Keenan/Volcanic Tongue about Mad Nanna

Here is Mad Nanna interview and feature on FFFoxy Podcast #24

2013/09/14 | otoasobi project with eddie prevost | café oto | 8pm | £8 £10 £16
2013/09/15 | otoasobi project with seymour wright | café oto | 8pm | £8 £10 £16

"The Otoasobi Project is a group of musicians, music therapists, individuals with learning disabilities and their families who started music-making workshops in 2005 at Kobe University in order to explore new musical expression. Since then these new musical expressions, which are created through regular workshops, have taken the form of free improvisation, balloon baseball, sumo matches, graphic notation, rap music, and original-language songs at more than 30 concerts many of which have featured musicians who have played at Cafe OTO in the past including Tenniscoats, Tetsuya Umeda and Maher Shalal Hash Baz." Cafe Oto

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