this week: 2013/09/23 - 2013/09/29

2013/09/23 | j spaceman, kid millions & pat thomas – date palms – plankton wat | cafe oto | 8pm | £10 £12
"Cosmic American Ambient? Something like that. Shimmering like an asphalt mirage in the middle of the Mojave, Date Palms’ The Dusted Sessions is a woozy beauty, a fever dream consisting of hypnotic violin, droning tanpuras, soft Fender Rhodes, distant feedback and rock solid bass lines. Over seven extended tracks, the band cooks up some seriously slo-mo desert raga that’s as lovely as it is ominous. There’s plenty of the avant-Appalachia that Henry Flynt pioneered back in the day, as well as a bit of the heatstroke Doomericana that Earth has been riding for the past decade. A closer parallel, however, might be the desolate, neverendless groove of Miles Davis’ 1970s space jam, “He Loved Him Madly.”  If Miles had a pedal steel player in his band, that is. words/"  - t wilcoxAquariumDrunkard

2013/09/23 | roy harper | rough trade east | 7pm 

2013/09/23 | black pus - dan friel - mxlx | the dome | 8pm | £8
"Brian Chippendale's solo project builds on his explosive free-drum, telephone-mic-in-the-mouth masked attack. Outside of the Lightning Bolt/Mindflayer context, Chippendale grows a few extra limbs to handle saxophone, synth, and/or guitar. The project started out as harsh, feedback-laden primordial ooze. His newer material shapes more structured songs out of the muck. Take "Body on the Tide", the closing track to this year's excellent All Aboard the Magic Pus, which features a disarmingly clean and catchy whistle solo." - Jason Sigal

2013/09/24 | kammer klang: kit downes/tom challenger plus music from eliane radigue + alvin lucier | café oto | 8pm | £7

2013/09/26 | psychic ills – white manna – lorelle meets the obsolete | corsica studios | 8pm | £10

2013/09/26 | peaking lights sound system | plastic people | 10pm | £5 £7

2013/09/27 | fuzz – the feeling of love – the paperhead | the dome | 8pm | £10
"Born in a Metz’s bunker during the 2006 summer, The Feeling of Love is at first the solo project of G.Marietta (A.H. Kraken’s guitarist and singer, In the red records). Ephemeral idea that initially couldn’t have gone further than a few short songs, belched and recorded for the tape label Luisance Sonore. The postulate was to play on the garage blues and no-wave’s codes in order to find a primitive, repetitive and minimal idea of rock’n'roll. Finally, after 2 years playing gigs in Europe, and a few 7″ out (Yakisakana, Floridas Dying, Rococo records, etc.), the “one man band” mutates: from a one-piece to a two-pieces, the Feeling of Love is more generally a three-pieces band, with Seb Normal (the Normals, Crash Normal,etc.) on drums, and s. (A.H.Kraken, Vingt Mille Punks) on keyboards.
The Feeling of Love put out then his first two LP’s, “Petite tu es un hit” on Yakisakana and “Ok judge revival” on Kill Shaman records. On the latter, the blues and his repetitive gimmicks that were the driving force to reach a trance state are being perverted by krautrock and psychedelism.
A year after, the band carries on with the “kraut space garage” vein on his third album, on Born Bad records (mars 2011). Songs stretch out, the drums go more tribal, the synth hammers out his keys on an infinite highway, and the guitar gets lost in delay pedal’s fog.
Lyrics are still that much negative. One thinks Suicide, Spacemen 3, The Velvet Underground, Pussy Galore. But The Feeling of Love also love cats, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jordan, Francis Bebey, Bob Dylan and the highway.
From the begining, the band has played around Europe and in the United States, with such bands as The Intelligence, Ty Segall, Strange Boys, Movie Star Junkies, Black Lips, Magnetix, Cheveu, Girls, King Khan & the Shrines, Movie Star Junkies, etc." Born Bad Records

2013/09/28 | dopplereffekt – legowelt – dave monolith | autumn street studio | 11pm | £5 £8 £10

2013/09/28 | the feeling of love – i like the gogo – mean bikini | the stags head | ??pm | £?

2013/09/29 | kawabata makoto’s mainliner - patent saints - dethscalator | corsica studios | 7:30pm | £8
"Mainliner are the Banana Splits of Noise. Where other artists will have you tearing off the CD and slamming it into the toaster in frustration, Mainliner is choc-a-bloc with riffs'n'hooklines, as well as gimmicks to keep you listening and devices to sneak you in the back door. My wife finds the lead vocals "sexy and pleading" and their groove is always that relentless mind-of-its-own juggernaut from the film Duel. Mainliner are never reduced to chordless pedestrian pseudo-jazz like so many Noise bands, never drywanking the No New York kerb crawl beloved of art-dweebs worldwide. Instead, they are forever maintaining and sustaining a constant and practised bulldozer-y heavy-in-concert rockness that keeps the showman at play, but not the shaman at bay. These are skilled magicians and master technicians practising an odd and thoroughly honed form of sonic healing. Rock!
Mainliner was started in 1995CE by Asahito Nanjo from High Rise and Acid Mothers Temple leader Kawabata Makoto, in order "to explore new possibilities" which would create "a completely new type of heavy psychedelic group." Labelling themselves "Japan's Rising Sounds Vol. 1", Mainliner introduced the world to the free-jazz drummer, Hajime Koizumi, and Kawabata Makoto's "Motor Psycho" electric guitar. Asahito Nanjo had commented before that Munehiro Narita, his guitarist in High Rise, was into the MC5 "for good or bad". But he felt that the restrictions caused by such an influence prevented Nanjo from exploring fully the sheer dervish whirl possible by a power trio (as seen occasionally by such as early Guru Guru and Ash Ra Tempel). So Mainliner was seen as a chance to break out even further, and this first LP was certainly beyond rock'n'roll." Julian Cope

2013/09/29 | unsound london: innode – bnnt – stara rezeka – nicholas bullen | café oto | 8pm | £8 £10

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