this week: 2013/10/07 - 2013/10/13

2013/10/08 | rashad becker – ashley paul – valerio tricoli | café oto | 8pm | £8 £10
“Some ethnomusicologists theorize that the variations of human folk verses that survive time are those that most comfortably fit the vocal range and languages of their singers. Becker’s themes share that sense of ease with the instruments of their transmission. This is perhaps what I find so misleading about the role of voices in this recording. They warp and snuggle up against one another, creating fields of activity that swoop in and out of focus. A process of natural selection recurs within every new generation. Becker’s mouths sometimes puke back, murmuring codes and displaying uncanny features, only to then disappear into a muted cudgel of feedback. The limp, repetitive, hungover intro to “Dances I” opens up a lyrical, folksy sounding narrative. The presence of Eastern European gestures of ornamentation hint at a village context and forms of local inebriation”André Vida on Traditional Music of National Species Vol. 1 by Rashad Becker

2013/10/10 | smegma – control unit | 8pm | £12 £14

2013/10/11 | if bwana – blood stereo – adam bohman – tom white – mark peter wright – acchiappashpirt – adrian northover | the yard | 6:30pm | £11

2013/10/12 | tropic of cancer – dalhous – helena hauff – dva damas | corsica studios | 10pm | £12,5

2013/10/12 | ben ufo | autumn street studio | 11pm | £15

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