this week: 2013/10/21 - 2013/10/27

2013/10/22 | kammer klang: kaffe matthews + stephane ginsburgh play rzewski & shlomowitz | café oto | 8pm | £7

Kaffe Matthews was born in Essex, England and lives and works in London. Since 1990 she has been making and performing new electro-acoustic music worldwide with a variety of things and places such as violin, theremin, wild salmon, Scottish weather, desert stretched wires, NASA scientists, hammerhead sharks, and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. Currently she is researching interactive composition for outdoor enjoyment with sonic bicycles and sustainable vibratory interface design with ‘music for bodies’. Acknowledged as a pioneer in electronic improvisation and live composition, Kaffe has released 6 solo CD’s on the label Annette Works.

'Sharks are older than dinosaurs. They have evolved with the planet developing extraordinary perceptive mechanisms, and have learnt to navigate in straight lines by tracing the shifts in the earth's magnetic crust at depths as great as 400m. They are still considered violent attackers and continue to be slaughtered in vast numbers just for their fins to make soup. The truth is that a shark has to be one of the most sophisticated and beautiful of animals.'

love sharks is a new four channel solo by Kaffe Matthews in which she duets with 6 oscillators driven by 6 hammerhead sharks whose journeys were recorded north of Wolf Island, Galapagos April 2009. Matthews dived with, recorded underwater and filmed hammerheads whilst on a month's residency on the Galapagos islands 2009. Her 3D sound installation, You might come out of the water every time singing is currently showing at a venue near you.

2013/10/23 | borbetomagus – junko suzuki – twilit grotto | cafe oto | 8pm | £10 £12 CANCELLED

2013/10/23 | deconstruction unit | the old blue last | 8pm | £6

2013/10/24 | zomes – junzo suzuki – masaki batoh – high wolf | café oto | 8pm | £8 £10

2013/10/24 | metal rouge – chalaque – jon collin – durga | servant jazz quarters | 7:30pm | £7

2013/10/24 | bill kouligas – tuff sherm | plastic people | 10pm | £5 £7

2013/10/26 | nate young | café oto | 8pm | £8 £10

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